Monday, March 24, 2008

Spiritual Ethics in Today's World - Law of Attraction

Spiritual Ethics in Today's World - The Law of Attraction
Does it really work?

I am often asked if the Law of Attraction really works. Yes, I tell people, emphatically, yes it really works. Asking if the Law of Attraction really works is like asking if the Law of Gravity really works. You just have to throw into the air anything from an anvil to a feather, both of which will end up on the ground.
We all know that energy cannot be destroyed, but can change form. Knowing this, we must also accept the fact that abundance is unlimited. There is always abundance and enough abundance for everyone. The Law of Attraction will either draw abundance to us, or it will push abundance away from us, depending upon what we expect of the universe. Our own thoughts and expectations determine the quality of our lives and the abundance we draw to us.
The first step in understanding the Law of Attraction is to understand our own thoughts, thought processes and expectations we have of the world around us. Whatever emotions we are feeling at any given moment will contribute to the thoughts we are thinking and will greatly affect the energy we are attracting back into our lives. In other words, when you think a thought, it travels into the universe looking for the same energy frequency as itself. If you put a lot of emotion into the thought, it will reappear back in your life quickly, bringing to you the quality you originally sent out. If your thought was positive and filled with emotions of joy, expectation and happiness, you will draw into your life, that which you desired. If you were angry and your thought was damaging or destructive, an unhappy event or happening is what you will eventually reap in your own life.
The past represents opportunities that are no longer available to us. The past represents things that we drew to us then and reflects the kind of thinking and expectation we had then. The future, on the other hand is open, untouched, a chapter not yet written, a vision not yet manifested. The future will depend on what kings of things you think and expect in the moment called now. By living in the moment, you will find your greatest power and your greatest ability to product and manifest what you want to experience and have in the future. By living in the moment, you can experience the joy, happiness and abundance of the present. You can draw to you the most positive, abundance and life-affirming events and happenings in the future by inwardly knowing them in the now.
Can you truly prove the Law of Attraction? Can you prove it is real? Yes, of course, and we'll talk more about that in our next visit together.

Blessings all,
Robbi Dyer, Astrologer/Writer/Consultant

Copyright 2008 by Robbi Dyer (printed with permission)

2008 Mercury Retrograde Periods - What is Mercury Retrograde?

2008 Mercury Retrograde Periods

1. January 28, 2008 (3:31pm EST) 23-Aquarius-49 to February 18, 2008 (9:57pm EST) 08Aquarius22.

2. May 26, 2008 (11:48am EDT) 2-Gemini-31 to June 19, 2008 (10:31am EDT) 13Gemini00.

3. September 24, 2008 (3:17am EDT) 22-Libra-50 to October 15, 2008 (4:06pm EDT) 03Libra36.

What is Mercury Rx?

The earth turns on its own axis. Too, while turning on its own axis, it revolves around the Sun. The zodiac is a stationary belt that encircles the earth. We relate other planets to earth through their positions to the zodiac belt that surrounds earth. This imaginary belt is made up of 12-zodiac signs.

When Mercury appears to be traveling “backwards” in terms of the forward order of the zodiac signs, it is said to be retrograde. Planetary paths are not circles, per se, but ellipses.

Second Chances & Do-Over’s!!!

Three to four times a year, we enter another Mercury Retrograde (Mercury Rx) period. This is a time for pausing, stopping to catch your breath, for doing things over and for second chances. It is a period for review, for reconsideration and for learning from past mistakes.

On the side of caution, this is a time for safe and sane driving habits, for taking care of your motor vehicles and for scheduling repair work. You will want to be careful with communications of all kinds, including speech, mail, email and the written word. Make sure you say what you mean. Look for ways to correct, adjust, revamp, reschedule, repeat and refurbish.

Mercury Rx gives you the time you need to catch your breath, to revitalize, to reclaim and to nurture and nourish projects special to your heart. It can also be a time for improving relationships, for starting over and for recommitting.

Mercury Rx most often affects the house in your horoscope where the current Mercury is transiting. It also affects communication, short distance travel, some family matters, snail-mail, email, telephone calls, cell phone calls, electronic equipment, motorized vehicles and motorized equipment. It affects technology in general and conversations in particular. Think before you speak and make sure you are being understood and that you understand. Ask questions. Give explanations. Slow down. Take your time.

When negatively aspected in your personal horoscope, Mercury Rx will bring challenges, delays or reversals in one or more areas of your life. Your fax machine could break down and need repair, for example, or a preplanned trip to visit loved ones could be postponed or altered in some way. You may find that the postal service delivers your neighbor’s mail to you by accident or that you receive someone else’s bill, in your name, by mistake. This is a good time to get needed repairs, alterations or to change your mind.

When positively aspected in your personal horoscope, Mercury Rx will be a time period wherein you can catch up with your life and you will be able to get a lot of things done that had heretofore been problematic for you. Often, you can iron out any wrinkles in your life and gain understanding or insight with someone with whom you have had relationship difficulties. Mercury Rx will give you the opportunity to reexamine things and to chart out new paths or enlist the aid of others. You can mentor or be mentored. You can change directions or cancel something altogether.

You will function best during any Mercury Rx period, no matter how the aspects impact your life, by staying open-minded, by taking a breather and reflecting on your life and circumstances, and by being willing to change, manage or revise. Your free will and your ability to analyze and discern your choices in life will always be your greatest allies.

(Printed with permission) - Copyright 2008 by Robbi Dyer

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Dear Pathfinders,

Tuesday, November 7th, Election Day in the U.S., is fast approaching. This year, it falls during a Mercury Retrograde period and is likely to produce some interesting results. Change is definitely going to be the key operative and there will be surprises at the polls that will upset or overturn the best laid plans of many.

Mercury in retrograde gives us a chance to do things over again, to make amends for past mistakes, to change directions and to get ourselves on our rightful path. Mercury in retrograde gives us all a second chance, and herein lies our responsibility --- to make wise choices. We need to make wise choices when we cast our votes on Election Day 2006. The world is at an important and critical juncture right now and the choice we make about who represents us in our government will be critical to the balance of power and our system of checks and balances.

Knowledge is power. It would behoove you to take this particular election seriously and study your candidates, their views and our country’s needs right now. See how intertwined we are with the rest of the planet’s inhabitants. Look for the choices that will lead to peace, harmony, growth, development and evolvement. There are spiritual beings walking the earth and they are waiting for your vote to set them on their pathway to help uplift our planetary vibration. Meditation, study and choose wisely this year.

Blessings all,

Robbi Dyer

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stay Centered!!!

Dear Pathfinders,

As we all know, today’s world leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to privacy and finding a moment to yourself. Our high tech world keeps us on tight schedules, has us jumping to alarms, bells and reminder alerts from our cell phones and computers. Often, say the news reporters, we are sleep-deprived, depressed and overstressed. Because we live in a new world, per 9/11, we are now faced with new legislation that allows more of our privacy to be invaded, via national security issues.
With this kind of a lifestyle facing the majority of us, it is difficult to get a sense of privacy, security and sanctuary. The need to feel safe and to feel comfortable is strong, as many of us struggle to adapt to the pressure of these changes.
As metaphysicians, we all know the importance of finding an inner sanctuary, a mental space or physical space we can go to and recharge our spirit. Reconnecting with the Universe, i.e., the creative life-force energy that keeps us all connected to the One, is a necessity that cannot be ignored. Creating such a space or place is now more important than ever, as we need to consciously be aware that there is a creative life-force energy that is available for us to manifest our greatest hopes and dreams. This life-force is available for us to affirm, confirm and manifest our higher purpose and keep us on the path toward enlightenment and progression. We are here to uplift ourselves and one another. We are here to uplift the planet.
In order to create a sacred space in our lives, it is necessary to recall our right to privacy. Privacy is what allows us, as individuals, to make a connection to the divine. Privacy allows us to recharge our own energy and to center ourselves in peace. By centering in peace, we will become strong and empowered. This empowerment is what will always bring us back to peace and serenity in a world of turmoil.
Creating your sacred space means finding a time or place where you can go to meditate, listen to music or surround yourself with symbols or items that reflect inner peace in your world. You may want a small altar or just a favorite chair next to your stereo. You may want to establish a meditation area in your backyard. You may want to establish a fifteen minute time slot in your day in which you can devote yourself to raising your energy through meditation. The choice is yours.
These are old clich├ęs, but true nevertheless, you can’t give to others when your own glass is half full. You can’t give what you don’t have. You cannot stay centered and balanced without taking the time to preserve your energy and rebuild it.

Blessings all, Robbi

Monday, August 28, 2006


Dear pathfinders,

While Pluto's apparent demotion seems to be the talk in the scientific community, as an astrologer, I say "a rose by any other name.....". Pluto's influence on our lives and choices have been studied for centuries by astrologers, both east and west. Whether we call Pluto a planet or some other name, its effects will still be felt. Pluto tends to be thought of as a generational planet, affecting a whole generation in one way, and the next generation in a different way, depending upon sign. Much has been written about this "planet", astrolgically speaking, and I feel the data stands on its own merits.

Blessings all, Robbi Dyer

Friday, August 25, 2006

Welcome, one and all!

Dear Pathfinders,

To those who seek to progress, spiritually, and who are dedicated to uplifting the planet on its evolutionary path, welcome. My mission in writing this blog is to help, through the tools of astrology, tarot, metaphysics, mysticism and psychic intuition, to better understand the energies that are operating in our world today. I hope to share knowledge, understanding and a metaphysical perspective on the spiritual ethics in today's world.

Blessings to all.

Robbi Dyer